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Fuji elevator

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Professional elevator manufacturer registration number • 40B1000093.

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With the changing market demand, the company's R&D and design are constantly improving. Regardless of safety and comfort, lifting speed, and beautiful assembly, we try our best to meet the needs of customers, carefully draw sketches for your buildings, and tailor-made your buildings. with our experience to help you choose the right product for you.

Passenger Lift

Innovative, rich and changeable design, matching your architectural style, adding color to you.

Small Lift

Conform to the aging society, home mini elevator, safe and stable, is a comfortable and safe choice.

Panorama Lift

The delicate and bright car design makes the appearance of the building more magnificent and extraordinary.

Escalator Lift

It is widely used in various public places such as shopping malls, stations, docks, airports, shopping centers, entertainment centers, exhibition halls, etc.

Hospital Lift

Starts smoothly, without the uncomfortable feeling of acceleration. The passengers cannot feel the pulling force when accelerating.

Freight Lift

The absolutely safe and stable cargo elevator is the most important means of transportation for cargo in the factory building.

Elevator Epidemic Prevention .

The company develops a series of anti-epidemic related products, through the dual protection of "no contact" and "space sterilization", so that elevator passengers can be more assured.


Improve elevator performance

Within your budget, meeting your needs can improve the reliability, safety, comfort and aesthetics of the elevator, as well as save energy...



The elevator is old and prone to failure, and the risk of use is relatively high.



Replacement of a new type of elevator improves the appearance and performance, which can increase the overall value of the building.


Compliance with regulations

In order to comply with the newly revised regulations and requirements for its safety and barrier-free access standards.


Energy saving

After the transformation, the performance of the elevator can be improved. The new elevator saves electricity than the traditional elevator.

Elevator repair and maintenance

Service first

24 hours 365 days a day

Open all year round, 24 hours a day Real-time grasp of the elevator repair status, Shorten customer waiting time.
Provide customers with "safety and peace of mind" with professional echnology service quality.

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